2018 Topps Tribute Box Break

Last week we opened a box of 2018 Topps Tribute.  At $275, it was definitely the most expensive box myself or my kiddo have ever opened.  Check out the results below.

The Base

There were 12 base cards, here’s what they look like:

Stepehen Strasburg Base

Brooks Robinson Base

Nolan Arenado Green Base Parallel /99

The Relics

Mariano Rivera Stamp of Approval Green Parallel Relic /99

Cal Ripken/Manny Machado Dual Relic /150

Mike Trout Triple Relic /150

The Autographs

Dellin Betances Green Parallel /99

Ryan McMahon Rookie Auto Orange Parallel /25

Juan Gonzalez Generations of Excellence Orange Parallel /25

This was a lot of fun to open, especially opening such a high end box with my kid.  Value wise, not a great investment idea, but if you have the extra money laying around, definitely worth a break.

Baseball Card Central Weekly Hobby Newsletter – March, 25 2018

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to the Baseball Card Central Weekly Newsletter.  I will be the first to admit that this one is a little thin.  My motivation level is right around zero, but I’ll give this a shot.

Veteran sports card artist Jared Kelley will be working on SAGE’s incarnation of Sportkings, as reported by Sports Card Info.

Artist Jared Kelley Returns To Work On SAGE’s Sportkings

Latest Topps Redemption report is out, lots of Judge, Altuve and Bellinger.


Shohei Ohtani took a break from busting Donruss packs for a quick interview with the Sporting News.


Thinking about investing in baseball cards?  This millionaire says that it is a sound investment.  P. S. He has a 1914 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson.


Sorry this was a short one and I still haven’t put up the Gypsy Queen break.  No excuses, I’ll make it happen.  Thanks for reading and please check out the podcast, Episode 4 came out on Friday and is available on iTunes, Android, and right here on the website.


2018 Panini Stars and Stripes Box Break

The weather up north finally let up enough for UPS to get back out on the road and my box of 2018 Panini Stars and Stripes showed up today.  Both my daughter and I have been itching to open this box and today was perfect for a pre-swim practice break.  These boxes are running about $70 per, with 5 packs of 8 cards.  There are 5 guaranteed autograph or memorabilia cards in each box.  Let’s crack it open.

The Box

No break is complete without the knife slash across the box.

The Base

Since most of these players are in High School or College, I only know who a few of them are.  Kumar Rocker is large young man who throws the ball hard.  He is most likely a first round pick in the upcoming draft.  We also pulled a Mark McGwire, Royce Lewis and High School prospect Brice Turang.

The Parallels

We pulled 5 Base Longevity Parallels, one per pack.  The most notable were Brendan McKay and Ken Griffey Jr.

We also got a Holo Foil numbered out of 99 of 15U player Dylan Crews.

The Good Stuff

We were promised 5 autographs or memorabilia cards in the box, and Panini delivered.

Nick Sprengel College National Team Black Ink Auto #092/499

Sprengel is a lefty pitcher who is currently pitching for the University of San Diego.  He is expected to be a high daft pick this year.

Alek Thomas USA National Team Silhouettes Signatures Jersey #163/199

Alek Thomas is another top prospect who will most likely be picked up in this year’s draft.

M. J. Melendez USA National Team Silhouettes Signatures Jersey #044/199

Melendez was the second round pick of the Royals last year.  He hit .262 in 168 at bats with 4 Home Runs.

Jeremy Eierman USA National Team Silhouettes Signatures Jersey Black Gold #82/87

Another huge prospect signed in gold over a black background.  Although he has had a rough start in college ball this year, he is still highly anticipated.

Joseph Menefee USA National Team Silhouettes Signatures Jersey Black Gold #28/39

High School prospect committed to play baseball at Texas A&M.

Nate Wohlgemuth USA National Team Silhouettes Signatures Jersey USA Baseball Patch #2/3

This is just a monster card of a 16 year old kid that could grow up to be an accountant, get bored with baseball and never play again, or get injured and never play again.  I will hold on to this one in case he becomes the next Nolan Ryan (he is throwing 93 at 16).

Hope you enjoyed the break.  We were sure happy with the extra autograph.  I’ll be posting a Gypsy Queen break later in the week  and maybe posting up some of my recent pickups.

Baseball Card Central Weekly Hobby Newsletter – March 18, 2018

Welcome to the second issue of the Baseball Card Central Weekly Hobby Newsletter.  Please enjoy these stories from around the hobby and feel free to submit any articles or news that you would like me to include in next week’s newsletter.

The luckiest family on the planet just found another one of their great-grandfather’s Ty Cobb tobacco card, bringing their total to 8. According to this article, the card has been valued at $250,000 by PSA.


As new of bankruptcy and store closures hit, Beckett pays tribute to the legacy of Toys R Us baseball cards.


If you are running a real estate ponzi scheme, your 1990 Fleer cards may be seized!


The Living Set from Topps is a new and interesting idea. It is supposed to be a set the goes on forever and the first three cards were released this week.


2017 Stadium Club Mystery redemptions announced.


Panini redemption card update posted today.


Baseball Card Central Weekly Hobby Newsletter – March 11, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the Baseball Card Central Weekly Hobby Newsletter. Throughout the week, I have collected the biggest stories, news, opinions and guides from around the hobby and compiled them in one convenient location for your reading pleasure. Let’s jump right in…

Topps Considering Sale

As I talked about briefly on the last podcast, Bloomberg reports that the owners of Topps are considering selling the company.

PSA 9 1952 Mickey Mantle Head to Auction

A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Graded PSA 9 – Mint will be auctioned at the end of March.  According to this Forbes article, it may sell for over $3 Million!

Industry Summit Takeaways

Sports Collectors Daily has a great article up about the three industry summits and some info from hobby shops about  box sales and issues re-stocking at a reasonable price. Very relevant considering the market the last couple years.

Honus Wagner T206 Display

A Honus Wagner T206 card will be on display at the Winterthur museum near Wilmington, DE this Spring.  The exact dates that it will be displayed are not listed in the article, so it may be wise to call first before making a road trip to see it.

2018 Donruss Variations Guide

The Cardboard Connection provides an in-depth guide (with pictures) to the many variations and short prints in 2018 Donruss.

2017 Topps Heritage Minors Mystery Redemption Revealed

Topps has announced the mystery redemption players form 2017 Topps Heritage Minor League.

That’s all for this week.  Thanks for reading!