2018 Topps Tribute Box Break

Last week we opened a box of 2018 Topps Tribute.  At $275, it was definitely the most expensive box myself or my kiddo have ever opened.  Check out the results below.

The Base

There were 12 base cards, here’s what they look like:

Stepehen Strasburg Base

Brooks Robinson Base

Nolan Arenado Green Base Parallel /99

The Relics

Mariano Rivera Stamp of Approval Green Parallel Relic /99

Cal Ripken/Manny Machado Dual Relic /150

Mike Trout Triple Relic /150

The Autographs

Dellin Betances Green Parallel /99

Ryan McMahon Rookie Auto Orange Parallel /25

Juan Gonzalez Generations of Excellence Orange Parallel /25

This was a lot of fun to open, especially opening such a high end box with my kid.  Value wise, not a great investment idea, but if you have the extra money laying around, definitely worth a break.

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