My First Topps Now Card

As usual, I am late to the party.  As long as Topps Now has been running, I’ve never understood what the fuss is about.  There is an 829 page thread about it on, so that must mean something.  When I saw they had a card available of Troy Tulowitzki posing as a pitcher, I had had to try it out.

I am not a Tulo collector, nor am I a fan of the Blue Jays, but this was too good to pass up.  This one was $9.99 with free shipping.  From what I have seen, that is the standard price for base cards.  Autograph versions and team sets, like the Road to Opening Day Spring Training sets are more.   If you buy in bulk, the savings are substantial.

Print Run

The print run for this card was 1,374.  Topps Now cards are generally available for 24 hours.  However, the Spring Training sets appear to be an exception, available until about a week after Opening Day.  After the clock runs out, no more cards are made.  The biggest appeal of Topps Now for me is the rarity.  Some of the big Judge and Ohtani cards have sold over 10,000, compared to just 358 for the Eric Hosmer signing with the Padres card.


The packaging was impressive.  I was expecting a toploader with a Topps sticker over the top of it.  Instead, the card came in a neat cardboard outer box.  The card itself was in a tow piece, 10 count plastic storage box.  It is protected from bouncing around in the box by a card sized piece of foam.  The packaging presentation alone makes it look like a $10 card.

Drumroll Please……….
The Big Reveal

Back of the Card

Final Thoughts

Although I consider myself a pack ripper, this is something I could really get into.  I am considering buying the Orioles Road To Opening Day set, though no checklist has been posted yet.  Once the season starts, I’ll be checking daily and following along on the Blowout thread.  I’ve got everything ready for the next podcast, so that may get recorded tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Please send me your questions or comments by commenting on this post, using the Contact page, or on Twitter @BaseballCardCen.  Thanks for reading!

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