2017 Bowman’s Best – Two Hobby Boxes + Bonus Break

Box Break: Road Trip Edition

We have all been there. All of us card addicts have anyway. Driving down the endless interstate on a long road trip, just counting down the miles. Then a little thought pops up. What could make this trip a little more bearable, maybe make the last 200 miles go by a little quicker? Then, before we know it, the GPS is taking us to the nearest card shop. Maybe it’s a little bit out of the way, but oh so worth it.

I found myself in that situation yesterday and was lucky to find Middle Georgia Sportscards and Collectibles in Warner Robins, GA. I’ve been to quite a few card shops in my day and this one was exceptional. Charlie was friendly, knowledgeable and from what I could tell, a genuine card nut. I haven’t opened any 2017 Bowman’s Best, so I settled on two (very fairly priced) boxes. This was a super fun break and I got some great stuff out of it. Check it out:

Base Rookies and Veterans

There are only 65 cards in this section of the base set, so there isn’t much room for anything other than veteran stars and rookies with big potential. Great looking base design and I pulled some great rookies and a few Orioles for my collection.

Rookie and Veteran Refractors

Here comes the shiny stuff!  I pulled Mancini, Bregman, Ichiro and Tapia base Refractors for my collection.  That Bellinger looks pretty nice next to the Atomic Refractor of fellow Dodger youngster, Corey Seager.  I finished up strong with a Gurriel RC Purple Refractor, serial numbered out of 250.

Base Top Prospects

There are 35 cards in this section of the base set, a lot of big name prospects as the name implies. I think I hit the base card jackpot here: Vlad Jr, Clint Frazier, Devers, Senzel and Royce Lewis.  Pretty good haul and a good chance that at least one of them will be a household name in the next 5 years.

Top Prospect Refractors

Kyle Wright is the theme here.  Atlanta’s First Round pick from 2017 showed up on an Atomic Refractor and Green Parallel numbered out of 99.  I also lucked out with Pitcher and First Baseman cards (separate card numbers, not a photo variation) of potential two-way star Brendan McKay.  No Baltimore prospects here, but I’ll take it.

1997 Best Cuts

This things are bright and gave me a serious 90’s flashback, especially the Piazza.  Best Cuts Atomic Refractors are supposed to fall two per case, so I was pretty happy to get one.  The picture is a little dark at the bottom, but that is Nick Senzel.  I was pretty happy to pull that Bregman, one of the few non-O’s that I collect.

Baseball America’s 2017 Dean’s List

Other than Torres, Acuna and of course Corey Seager, I’ve never heard anything good or bad about any of the others.  If I’m missing out on a big prospect here, let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.  Cool looking insert, may have to go to SportLots for the Ryan Mountcastle.

Mirror Image

The first one I pulled was a neat change of pace, but these cards stress me out.  You can’t have them upside down like that.  I will be unloading these as fast as I can and that is all I have to say about that.

Raking Rookies

These are a little tougher pull and a small (10 card) checklist.  Probably my favorite of the inserts in this release.  These things are sharp and as far as collectibility goes, should have some staying power.

The Autographs

And now, what you have all been waiting for.  I’m pretty happy with what I got and the Mountcastle made my day.  I was going to buy it on eBay the other day, but something told me to hold on.  Drum roll please for Royce Lewis and Kevin Maitan Green Refractor #/99!!

Bonus Break

I couldn’t resist trying one box of 2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Active Player Edition.  These are one card per box, encased and tamper sealed by Topps.  I guess now is as good a time as any, so here’s the big reveal.


If your reaction was “oh.”  That was about my reaction.  To be fair, this guy had a decent season in 2017.  If he could trade a few whiffs for walks, he might have a good career.  Maybe it was the bone spurs they just removed that was making him swing and miss last year.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this break.  It was a nice detour for me and it was great talking baseball with Charlie at Midddle Georgia Sportscards.  He gave me a business card and asked me to sign their wall next to the door on the way out.  If you find yourself on the road, driving through the heart of Georgia, stop in and check them out.  Please feel free to send any feedback via the Contact page, in the comments, or on Twitter @BaseballCardCen.